Problems, Search, Solutions

  • 5Kazantseva T.T.
    Investigation Results on General and Theoretical Geology
  • 21Khusnutdinova E.K.
    Collaboration between the Institute of Biochemistry and Genetics, Ufa Scientific Centre, RAS, and French Scientific Institutions in Studying the Human Genome
  • 26Zagidullin Sh.Z., Zulkarneev R.Kh., Zagidullin N.Sh.
    Development and Implementation of Innovative Methods in Diagnostics, Treatment and Restitution Therapy of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Diseases
  • 33Nigmatullin R.G.
    Influence of Water and Coolant on Engine Oil Efficacy
  • 37Khisamitdinova F.G.
    Research Conducted by the Institute of History, Language and Literature, Ufa Scientific Centre, RAS
  • 42Yaminov A.F., Yaminova S.A.
    “Irendyk” Landscape Historical and Archaeological Museum-Reserve

On the Rostrum

  • 53Akhatova I.A.
    Gene Pool of the Bashkir Horse Breed and Its Improvement Methods

To the 60th Anniversary of the Ufa Scientific Centre, RAS

  • 60Dzhemilev U.M.
    Ufa Scientific Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary: History Scientific Schools, Prospects

Scientific Events

  • 72Abdrakhmanov I.B.
    First World Forum on Bulk Chemistry
  • 76Sakhibgareev A.A.
    International Scientific and Practical Conference Devoted to the Centenary Anniversary of the Bashkir Agricultural Research Institute
  • 78Gunderov D.V., Reshetnikova N.A., Valiev R.Z.
    Nanotechnology Congress 2011

In the Book World

  • 81Shakurov R.Z.
    Z.A. Khabibullina. Drevnetyurkskie nazvaniya zhivotnogo mira v sovremennom bashkirskom yazyke (Old Turkic Faunal Names in the Modern Bashkir Language)

Official Section

  • 83 Best Publication Awards 2010 - Herald of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan
  • 84 Jubilees

In Commemoration of Scientists

  • 90Yury V. Kazantsev