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Problems, Search, Solutions

  • 5Abdrakhmanov R.F., Popov V.G.
    Mineral Water Formation in the Bashkir Fore-Ural Region
  • 16Kamaletdinov M.A., Ismagilov R.A.
  • On Some Scientific Results of Petroleum Geological Investigations
  • 23Nusratullin V.K.
    Potential of Non-Equilibrium Economic Theory in Regulating Socio-Economic Relations
  • 31Bikbov M.M.
  • Innovations That Came into Being
  • 36Bakhtizin R.N., Pavlov S.V., Pavlov A.S.
    Scientific and Educational GeoPortal as an Integration Environment to Accumule Scientific Spatial Information about territories in the Republic of Bashkortostan
  • 43Suleimanov N.T.
  • Republican Special-Purpose Program Concept “Application of Cosmic Activities Results for the benefit of Socio-Economic Development of the Republic of Bashkortostan”
  • 50Kolesnikov A.A.
    Development of the System of Industrial Enterprise Situation Management on the Basis of Production Flow Process Simulation
  • 55Garustovich G.N.
  • Mongol Expansion of the Early 13th Century in the Volga-Ural Region
  • 63Isyangulov Sh.N.
    On the Problem of Relations between Bashkortostan and Kharakhanid States
  • 68Sharipov R.G., Khairullin I.R.
  • The Subject of the Theory of Federalism in Modern Science

From Science History

  • 76Nigmatulin R.I.
    My Thirteen Years in Bashkortostan and Award I received from AS RB Academician Zinnur G. Uraksin

In the Book World

  • 89Faizullin F.S.
    Reviewed: M.F. Malikov. Konstitutsionnoe zakonodatelstvo Respubliki Bashkortostan: vyvody ipredpolozheniya po resultatam monitoringa (Constitutional Laws of the Republic of Bashkortostan: Conclusions and Suppositions Based on Monitoring Results)

Official Section

  • 912011 State Prize of the Republic of Bashkortostan in Science and Technology
  • 92State Republican Youth’s Prize in Science and Technology
  • 93On the 2012 Prizes of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan Bearing Outstanding Scientists’ Names
  • 94Jubilees
  • 97Index of Articles Published in 2011

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