• 5 Sh.R. Abdullin, B.M. Mirkin
    Cave ecosystem analysis in the Republic of Bashkortostan
  • 13 Z.N. Suleimanova
    Antibacterial properties of some tropical and subtropical plant species containing phyto organic substances
  • 17 N.T. Suleimanov, A.N. Suleimanov
    The programme for the development of the intellectual property market in the Republic of Bashkortostan
  • 23 A.N. Shcheglov, E.I. Nurtdinova
    Express-procedures for competitiveness assessment
  • 31 R.A. Zaripov, V.O. Kugeiko, S.B. Bakhtiyarova
    Beekeeping research
  • 36 N.M. Kulbakhtin, S.N. Kulbakhtin
    The fate of Tverdyshevs' and Myasnikovs' heirs
  • 49 V.N. Feshkin
    Academician M . Lyubavsky's studies on the history of Bashkiria
  • 56 A.M. Aznabaev
    The historical background of grammatical features in some turkic languages
  • 66 G.H. Bukharova
    Bashkir toponyms of indo-iranian origin characterizing water bodies and mountain objects in Bashkortostan
  • 80 L.F. Abubakirova
    Stratification of turkic-slavic contacts in the interfluve of the Ural and Sakmara rivers


  • 84 Reviewed:
    I. Z. Shayakhmetova. The military history of the Bashkirs: encyclopedia
  • 86 Reviewed:
    B.M. Mirkin, Ya.T. Suyundulcov, R.M. Khaziakhmetov. Soil ecology Bashkortostan


  • 86 The 2013 awards of the Academy of sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan named in honour of outstanding scientists
  • 90 Jubilees