• 5 R.V. Kunakova, R.A. Zaynullin, E.K. Khusnutdinova, B.I. Yalaev
    Functional food and nutrigenomics as the basis of healthy food of the 21st century
  • 15 R.N. Mustafin, E.K. Khusnutdinova
    Epigenetic factors for the evolution of eukaryotes
  • 24L.M. Farkhutdinova
    New opportunities of immunology in diabetes course forecast
  • 33L.M. Abramova, A.N. Mustafina, O.A. Karimova, D.R. Kansaparova
    Lupinus polyphyllus lindl. in the Republic of Bashkortostan


  • 44I.M. Akbulatov, G.N. Garustovich, F.A. Sungatov
    Silver dirham hoard of the golden horde period from Ufa 2 ancient town site in the Republic of Bashkortostan
  • 52Sh.N. Isyangulov
    On the problem of family forms among pre-russian bashkirs in the 9th-16th centuries
  • 61V.V. Trepavlov
    Bashkirs in the ethnic policy of Russia between the 17th and 19th centuries (ritual and symbolic aspects)
  • 71G.A. Kinyabaeva
    Demographic processes in the bashkir child population in the first half of the 19th century


  • 78S.E. Znamenskii
    Geological and structural position of the Murtykty golg-sulphide deposit (the Southertn Urals)
  • 86K.B. Sabitov, A.V. Voronin
    Prospects of use of solid waste of production of the calcinated soda of JSC BSK in quality carbonate component of raw materials for production of cement


  • 96 Jubilees


  • 103 Vsevolod L. Berezin
  • 104 Akhmet V. Bakiyev
  • 105 Uzbek G. Gusmanov

2016. Vol. 21 (3) (pdf, 3.53 MB)