• 5 Y.D.B. Atse, Yu.A. Kotenev, Sh.Kh. Sultanov, V.G. Umetbaev
    The Oil-and-Gas Potential of the Cote d'Ivoire Sedimentary Basin: A Case Study of the CI-202 Block Licence Area
  • 13 A.M. Gareev, E.M. Galeeva, K.D. Silantyev
    Main Trends and Indicators of Changes in Hydrometeorological Conditions in the Republic of Bashkortostan
  • 21 E.E. Kozhevnikova
    Geological and Geochemical Features of Devonian Deposits of the Republic of Tatarstan in Connection with Their Oil and Gas Potential
  • 30 V.F. Yuldashbaeva, V.M. Gorozhanin, S.V. Michurin, A.M. Karamova
    Tripolites in South-Eastern Bashkortostan as Valuable Mineral Raw Materials
  • 39 A.B. Aleksandrova, D.V. Ivanov, V.S. Valiev, I.I. Ziganshin, D.E. Shamaev, R.R. Khasanov
    Metal Content and Distribution in the System Soil – lake Bottom Sediments of the Volga-mesha Interfluve


  • 48 K.K. Karimov, U.B. Gaysin, M.Kh. Yanborisov
    The Role of Science in Attracting the Source of Raw Materials of Non-Ferrous Metallurgy in Bashkiria for Needs of the War 1941–1945
  • 54 K.I. Agliullina
    Development Characteristics of Encyclopedic Biographics Based on the Experience of Bashkir Encyclopedists
  • 62 A.S. Protsenko, R.G. Kurmanov
    Archaeo-Palynological Studies of the Cultural Layer of the Kara-Abyz Ancient Settlement
  • 71 I.G. Akmanov, L.Sh. Suleymanova, A.R. Khabibullina, R.B. Gabdulkhakov
    Main Milestones of the People’s Movement of 1735–1736
  • 80 R.Z. Valiev
    On the History of Scientific Discovery No. 339 (In Commemoration of Full Member of the Academy of Sciences, of the Republic of Bashkortostan Oscar A. Kaybyshev)
  • 85 N.E. Khayretdinova
    Ufa Puppet Theatre during the Formation Period and the Great Patriotic War


  • 96 R.Kh. Masagutov, O.D. Ilemenova, V.N. Minkaev
    Geology and Geochemistry of the Domanik Facies in the South-Eastern Volga-Ural Province: A Case Study of the Bashkir Ural Region. Ufa: Bashkirskaya entsyklopedia


  • 972018 Prizes for the Best Articles Published in the Journal «Herald of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan»
  • 98Jubilees

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