• 5 T.T. Kazantzeva
    On Geology of the UNESCO National Park in Northern Bashkiria
  • 18 R.D. Bakirov, R.Kh. Masagutov
    Prospects for Oil and Gas Potential of Lower Permian Flysch Deposits within the Pre-Ural Foredeep in the Republic of Bashkortostan
  • 29 I.R. Rakhimov, S.V. Michurin, A.G. Sultanova, N.N. Ankusheva
    Manganese Mineralization of Carboniferous Basic Intrusion Exocontact Zones in the Abzelilovo District of the Republic of Bashkortostan
  • 40 A.L. Kharitonov
    Geological and Geophysical Analysis of the Central-Type Morphological Structures in the Pre-Ural Regions of the East European Platform and Their Association with Oil and Gas Deposits
  • 49 A.M. Gareev, L.N. Belan, V.S. Goryachev, A.M. Farkhutdinov, V.I. Baryshev, A.M. Shevchenko, Yu.V. Ostrovskaya, D.I. Akhmedyanov
    Main Characteristics of the Transformation of Hydrological and Ecological Conditions in Small Rivers within the Zones Affected by Mining Facilities: A Case Study of the Rivers of Karagayly and Khudolaz in the Basin of the Ural River


  • 57 R.N. Suleimanova
    Charitable Activities of Public and National Organizations in Russia in 1914–1917: Using the Example of the Ufa Province
  • 65 N.V. Akhmadieva
    The Development of Drama Theatres in Bashkiria in the Late 1940s – Early 1980s: Problems and Achievements
  • 75 S.I. Mammadova
    Development of Trade and Economic Relations of the Republic of Azerbaijan with Israel (1991–2008)
  • 83 U.G. Saitov
    "Bashkir Encyclopedia" in the System of Scientific Organizations of the Republic of Bashkortostan (on the 30th Anniversary of Its Creation)
  • 89 I.U. Minlebaev
    Work Methods of Land Surveyors in the Period of Special Surveying within Ufa Province


  • 96 Jubilees

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