• 5 V.I. Popkov, I.V. Popkov
    Pre-Upper Permian deposits of the Buzachi Peninsula and the Prospects for Their Oil and Gas Potential
  • 15 D.E. Saveliev , R.A. Gataullin
    Lherzolites of the Aznagulovo Area (Southern Urals): Composition and P-T-fO2 Formation Conditions
  • 25 V.N. Fedorov, O.R. Goncharova
    Substantiation of the Operating Modes of Oil Wells of Gas and Oil Fields of the Perm Region
  • 34 A.A. Derkach
    Integrated Geophysical Studies of Borehole Conditions of Salt Flow in the Kungurian Deposits in the South of the Orenburg Region
  • 43 R.F. Abdrakhmanov, A.O. Poleva, V.N. Durnaeva
    Hydrogeoecological Problems in the Middle Course of the Belaya River


  • 51 R.G. Bukanova, Yu.V. Bondarenko
    Russian-Kazakh Relations in the 16th – 19th Centuries
  • 59 A.I. Akmanov, A.Z. Gafarov
    The Role of Musa Murtazin in the Development of Cavalry in the 1930s
  • 66 A.M. Bagautdinov
    Taking Chernukhino by the 112th Bashkir Cavalry Division on February 14, 1943: Analysis of the Wehrmacht Documents
  • 74 A.A. Dumchikov
    First Design Stage of the Chernikovsk Industrial Hub. Project by Architect M. Ginzburg: Concept, Critique, Implementation
  • 82 E.E. Nechvaloda
    Evidence of the Bashkir Folk Outerwear in Field Notes by Rail G. Kuzeev
  • 91 E.A. Chegodaev
    Contribution of Latvian and Estonian Colonists of the Ufa Province to the Economic Development of the Region


  • 100 Jubilees
  • 102 Obituaries

2021. Vol. 40(3) (pdf, 6.00 MB)